Sondaj Boruları

Drill pipes and types produced within Tekbor Boru are as follows.

Filtered Drill Pipes

This type of pipes are generally used in such a way that they come across cracked, hollow and watery levels where mud leakage is observed in water wells drilled in rocks such as massive, limestone, basalt, andesite, and tuff.

Bridge Type Steel Pipes

Bridge type filters are used if thin material is observed in the cracks, cavities and caves of hard formations such as limestone, basalt, tuff, where water can be taken across the pebbly and sandy levels, especially in wells where there are formations with sandy and silty levels.

  • WALL THICKNESS: In the range of 3-4-5-6-7-8 mm
  • PIPE DIAMETER: Ø 139.7 mm – Ø 508 mm

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